Drawing Perspective



1.     The illusion of 3d space on a 2d surface.

2.     Types of perspective.

a.     1 point – looking square at one side of a box.

b.    2 point – looking straight at the corner of a box.

c.     3 point – looking at the edge where three edges meet.

d.    Compound Complex perspective – where two or more of the above show in the same picture.

e.     Aerial Perspective – The illusion of depth happens by creating and controlling color and contrast in such a way that objects in a drawing appear to exist in three different space areas, foreground, middle ground, and background.  So what does this mean?



3.     Learning to draw is learning to SEE.

4.     We will first learn perspective using mechanical methods. Constructing lines with the use of rulers. (No free hand work)

5.     Once the mechanical methods are understood we will practice drawing perspective freehand.

6.     We will begin to ad the art of shading near the end of the perspective training.

7.     Term:

a.     Eye level line


b.    Vanishing line.


c.     Vanishing point


d.    Optical illusion of perspective.


e.     Controlling illusions by the use of light and dark pencil.


f.     The glass box.


g.    Learning how to visualize all things as if they were in a box.


  My questions: I not sure I see or understand these items.