Yreka Institute for the Arts

Yreka Institute for the Arts is an open ended arts education center. By being open ended classes are open to new enrollment at any time. Because class are run continuously. Also anyone who has experience in any form of the Arts can have the opportunity to teach as well as attend classes. These classes are not accredited, their purpose is to learn for the joy of continued learning.

The Institute
 is linked to the Yreka Committee for Historic Preservation Corp.

Hal Dill Photo of sunset form Big Springs, CA
Hal is a studio member at Yreka Institute for the Arts

Hal Dill Photo

Yreka Institute for the Arts
 is located at 300-304 Lane St.
Yreka, Ca. 

Studio Spaces
are located in the Patio Square

Event Schedule:
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Cora Brownell's baby mask green ware from Master Sculpture Class
from her Baby series.